Installation & Usage Instructions

How does Visual Office Work?

Getting setup

Step #1

Add Visual Office to Slack

Start by adding Visual Office to your Slack workspace to start a 14 day trial. Please carefully read through the permissions requested - we have requested the minimum possible to get the app working with detailed reasons if you expand the scopes on the install screen.

At this point, no one besides you has access to Visual Office.

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Step #2

Create Floors

After installation, you'll receive a direct message from Visual Office with setup instructions. The first step is to create floors for your team.

Click Visual Office in the Slack sidebar, then click the 'Edit..' button. From there, create as many floors as you need, keeping in mind that each floor has a max occupancy of 6 desks.

Floor Plan Edit Screenshot

Step #3

Assign desks

Back on the Visual Office app home, click the 'Edit..' button again, just like in step 2. From there tap the 'Assign desk..' button.

Assigning a desk will assign your teammate to a desk on the floor you specify and prompt them to authorize Visual Office.

Note: Only you, the installing user, have access to editing the floor plan and assigning desks.

Desk Assign screenshot

Step #4

Wait for authorization

Visual Office provides a way for your team to update their status, dnd settings, and Visual Office location all at once.

Due to how Slack permissions once, everyone who receives a desk will need to give Visual Office permission to update their profile.

Once your teammate grants Visual Office access, they are fully setup!

User auth screenshot

Step #5

Revoking access

If you ever need to revoke access to Visual Office you can do so in the same Floor Plan Editor we've been using above.

Revoking a desk will will reduce your billed desk count by 1 and the teammate will lose access to Visual Office.

Revoke screenshot

Using Visual Office

Need help?

I am always available to answer questions. You can reach me at

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