Understand what your remote team is doing and how they are feeling

Protect focus time, encourage social bonds, and see the daily pulse of your team with a virtual office inside Slack.

Simple pricing of $2.50 / desk / month (USD).
Start your free, 14 day trial today.

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Daily standup

Spread context with a daily standup

Visual Office prompts each teammate to answer three questions each day and surfaces them to the team.

What did I accomplish yesterday?
What will I do today?
What obstacles are impeding my progress?
How am I feeling today?

Status and dnd update modal preview

Focus when it matters

Visual Offices provides a single screen to update your status, do not disturb settings, and virtual location.

Employees can protect their own focus time and give teammates a virtual, social cue to determine how interruptible they are.

Private social channels

Private channels for social time

Entering the lunch or break room in Visual Office adds you to a private channel for that room.

See who's up for a social conversation without needing always on, distracting, channels.

Floor Plan Builder

Customized by you, billed per desk

Whether you want to add it for one team, or the whole organization, Visual Office only bills for the number of desks in use.

Simple pricing of $2.50 / desk / month (USD).
Start your free, 14 day trial today.

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Frequently asked questions

What tools does Visual Office work with?

Visual Office is currently available as a Slack app.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is $2.50 / desk / month (USD).

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